From the beaches of the pristine Magdalen Islands. Artfully created in Senneville QC. Shipped worldwide.


Bonnie-Jane Major Bonnie-Jane Major
Bonnie Jane is the creative mastermind behind the studio’s collection of driftwood pieces of design, barn quilt boards made in the purest tradition and abstract paintings showcasing harmony between wild spaces and sea shores.

As a young woman growing up in a cement cityscape, Bonnie Jane saw beauty in the sparse natural surroundings of her everyday life in a school yard, alleyway or local park. As an adult, her call to nature led her to discover the ever changing scenery of Quebec’s Magdalen islands.
Bonnie Jane Design collections echo these artistic and environmental values.  Her talent and imagination are translated into works bearing the stamp of a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Bonnie Jane Design houses studios in the Magdalene islands and in Senneville, Quebec.